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The Tabernacle School for the Prophetic 

Greetings to all in the Name of the True Lord Jesus Christ, Yeshua Messiah,

We wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have inquired about, or participated in one of our gatherings for The Tabernacle School for the Prophetic.

Most of us have likely encountered prophetic ministry opportunities in the past, either through the traveling evangelist model, or at conferences where a minister comes in and then leaves for the next event. Many of you that attended our recent gatherings told us they were expecting to hear a message, receive some ministry, and then see us move on. Instead they were pleasantly surprised to hear the long term goals the Lord has laid before us, that we are not going anywhere for many years.

Words can be like containers that store our personal experiences, and those experiences create a paradigm to each individual. So in calling it a school, we know the typical western mindset has several paradigms associated with this term. The first being a systematic approach to the progression of learning, where items are identified and marked as the beginning elementary, middle intermediate, and final advanced curriculum.

The second is that there is an end to the learning process that culminates at some point with a ceremony or certificate that announces you have arrived or graduated. These events are used in the Greek educational model to officiate that we have successfully past our final exams, and it is now time for us to begin practicing in our field of study. In other words, we are have mastered and are finished learning the subject of the prophetic, so we begin practicing in the field of the prophetic. Neither of these is accurate. A field of study or a certificate cannot ordain a spiritual gift or office calling of the Lord.

The biblical or what is often referred to as the eastern approach to learning is different. We recognize that everyone that comes to the school will be at a different place in their walk with the Lord, and at a different level of development in their spiritual life. And yes, every person from any stage of spiritual maturity can come, and the Holy Spirit will meet each of us where we are, and give us exactly what we need. So you do not have to worry about coming to a meeting that is too basic or advanced. Come from wherever you are to get to wherever He is taking you.

In a biblical model, we accept that it is for the Lord exclusively to declare when anyone has arrived at a destination. There is no predetermined timeframe, curriculum, check boxes on a list, or a certificate that can accelerate our spiritual growth. Instead, we each must learn different lessons, experience different trials, be healed of different hurts, walk with the Lord at a different pace, and grow at the rate He has established for each of us. At some point the Spirit declarers and calls us to pursue a greater destiny in Him (Proverbs 18:16 and Acts 13:2). But that never stops the journey of learning, healing, and growing. In fact, arrival at a destination simply creates a new starting point marking the next leg of our journey.

The last point is that the eastern approach to learning is more about experiencing the subject matter rather than just learning about it. The prophetic needs to be modeled, not just studied. This is called discipleship. This why we have structured our evenings in two parts, the first hour dedicated to learning, and second hour to worship and prayer. It is through this time of prayer and our meditation on His word, that the Lord implants the knowledge from our minds into our hearts.

What we have been asked to build with the Tabernacle is a life-giving community that will nurture and serve the Body of Christ in the Greater Washington DC, Maryland, and northern Virginia region (DMV), and eventually the whole world over the next 15 plus years. This community is a place of belonging for those on their life long journey of healing, learning, and being transformed into the image of Christ. We are to provide the instruction, create a safe and nurturing atmosphere, and model accountability that serves a prophetic people in their spiritual growth. We recognize that such a community and its effectiveness develops at the speed of relationship. And for this reason, we look forward to getting to know each and every one of you. This life-giving community will give birth to something new in the world, and we are excited to share in the testimony of what God will be doing through your lives, and all the lives He touches from this ministry (Acts 15:12).

This life-giving community has several distinct goals:

  1. To disciple and send 100 Five-Fold, Ephesians Chapter 4 Prophets to the Bride of Christ around the globe;
  2. To create a support network for the local Church so that they have a place for their people to be healed, filled, developed, and equipped to serve in their local congregations;
  3. To provide a prophetic presbytery; and
  4. To equip all the saints of God who want to know how to hear and respond to the Holy Spirit for their own intimate communion with Him.

You will notice that three of the four goals listed above are designed to serve the local church. That is a reflection of our heart and commitment to serve the local expression of the Body of Christ. We are gathering the prophets and those who desire to move in the gift of prophesy, along all those who hunger to worship Him at a deeper level in Spirit and truth. Then the Lord will send you back out after each gathering, strengthened for the benefit of all.

I encourage you to be present for the live presentations at the Tabernacle, and soak in the corporate anointing that comes when we gather in His name. I pray the Lord Yeshua deeply bless all of you.

In His Love and Service,

Prophet Timothy Childs